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Human food is not only a prerequisite for survival, but also a means of expression!

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Use good tools

Get a nice set of knives. Then learn to cut the ingredients. The set must contain a knife (21 cm/8 inches long), a serrate for cutting bread, cakes and other pastries, a knife for cleaning vegetables, stripping garlic and other small works. This kitchen triple will help to cut products easily and save a lot of time.

Read the entire recipe before starting cooking.

The surest way to save time in the kitchen is to read the whole recipe, then start cooking. This Lifehack cookery concerns not only newcomers, but also experienced cooks. Having studied all stages of preparation of a dish, you can do several tasks at once.

Do not throw away food leftovers.

If you have a prescription to chop a little onion or Bulgarian pepper, do not limit yourself to this amount, you have already started the labor intensive work, do not throw away the extra product, keep cutting. The rest of the cut is simply put in a sealed bag and freeze it. You save a lot of time for future dishes.

Choose seasonal ingredients

Always work with seasonal ingredients. This way you will do less and the dishes will taste better. It will save you time and money!

Prepare all the ingredients and then proceed to cooking.

Before cooking, take the time to process all the ingredients. Some recipes require quick work. For example, steer-fry or chicken picata are not delayed, you should already have chopped and ready all the ingredients before cooking

Cook in a large pot

Use large dishes to prepare. It is easier to boil potatoes in one large pot than in a few small ones. You end up with less dirty dishes, you can freeze the rest of the food, and then just warm up

Leave the peel on vegetables and fruits

The skin of vegetables and fruits is unusually rich in nutrients, so leave it to the maximum. If you’re working with a soft product, don’t spoil it by cleaning it, just make sure it’s well-washed. Carrots, potatoes and beets should also be cooked in the skin

Preheat the pans

When cutting the food, put the frying pan on fire, it should be hot by the time it is roasted. So you don’t have to wait aimlessly. Or put all the pans in the hot oven. Thus, they will be hot and ready for use.

Soak dirty dishes

Just fill the sink with warm, soapy water. When you take the dish away from the food, put it there. It’ll be easier to clean up after this soaking. You won’t have to scrub the dried particles

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